After being in The wine business for 19 years we decided a year and a half ago to rebrand ourselves and get a new look. I researched local designers here in Sonoma County and found great recommendations for Westcott design in Sonoma. I contacted Ginny Westcott and found that we knew each other from many years ago. Ginny listened to my needs and gave us options to work with. We are so pleased with our new look! Ginny is wonderful to work with and I would recommend Westcott Design to any business owner!

Rick Hutchinson


Amphora Winery

Ginny was very responsive to my ideas and nailed it within a very short time. She was a pleasure to work with and I was surprised at how painless the whole process was!

Joan Townsend


Russian Ridge Winery

Thanks to Ginny I still get major kudos from our customers for our Port labels. She is the best artist/designers I have ever worked with. She opens my eyes to the possibilities!

Kaz Kasmier


Kaz Winery

Getting rave reviews on our wine label design! Ginny’s knowledge of the wine industry, file prep and print coordination was impeccable! Thank you Ginny!

Shannon Andrews


Off The Vine Into Wine

Ginny provided the perfect combination of outstanding creative in a timely and cost-effective manner that we were looking for. She is highly responsive to our goals and objectives while offering keen and insightful guidance to what consumers are seeking in wines. She was an absolute pleasure to work with and I sincerely hope we have the opportunity to work with her again.

Matt Seeley

Vice President Of Marketing

Foxy Fresh Produce

Talented, resourceful, always willing to meet a deadline and darn pleasant to work with

Jim Morris


Alta Ridge Vineyard

It is not very often that you run into a professional resource that actually listens to what the customer is trying to accomplish and demonstrates the flexibility of thought and style to meet those expectations. Many thanks to Ginny Westcott!

Philip Chukwueke


Red Bear Vineyards

We were so lucky to find Ginny Westcott to support our first branding efforts. As stated by other vintners she has the unique ability of walking the balance between what you think you want and what you really need to succeed. She took Ignacio’s concept and even some of his artwork and made our vision come to life. We are beyond pleased with the results not to mention TTB approval was a snap.

Ginny is creative, professional, and great to work with. She has taken our concept and turned it into the perfect label and box packaging in a timely manner and with great attention to our requests and details. Highly recommended!

Sar Perlman

VP US Operations

Portugal Wines

Ginny is great to work with, responsive and helpful, to the extent of teaching me the techniques she employs!

Will Bucklin


Bucklin Winery

We were extremely pleased with the quality of the work from Ginny. She worked with us to refine our design until it was just right, and she helped us keep it within budget. She was invaluable in helping select and partner with our label printer. We would recommend her unconditionally.

David Huang And Clint Holdsworth


David Clinton Wines

Before contacting Ginny, I went to her website to see her work. I liked it and there were many strong testimonials, I figured that they were probably exaggerations. They weren’t! If anything, they did not praise her enough! She will help you with your design even if all you bring is a vague idea; she will help you with finding a motto, with the text on the back of the label, with finding a printer, with everything! She is the best!

Bruce Russell


Russell Vineyard

It has been a pleasure working with Ginny Westcott on our new label and branding project. She guided us through the process and was quick to respond to problems and changes. In the end our entire team was pleased with the results.

Tony Kooyumjian


Montelle Winery
Augusta Winery

I built a tuscan style villa, winery and vineyard in central Kansas. We searched for a label designer and found Westcott Design. I live 1500 miles away from her and she took care of design, art work, advice on layout, printing, etc. We could not be happier with her response and great service from beginning to end result.

Michael Nevius


Pietra Vineyards

I am so glad that my friend Dan referred me to Ginny.She did a great job on our packaging imagery! I have received countless compliments from retailers carrying my product. The service, quality, timeliness and attention to detail could not have been better!

Stan Greberis


Eco Pool Drain Fountain

Ginny really knows her business. The first thing she said upon reviewing our old label was ‘You must have a young designer because the fonts are small. Most wine drinkers are over 40.’ She was patient and professional throughout the process and the results are amazing. Thank you.

David Cooley


Diablo View Winery

Working with Ginny has been Excellent, she is professional and friendly. Ginny is very talented and completes her work on time!

Tita Franco


Fathia Family Vineyards

Working with Ginny and Westcott Design was easy and effective. We got our project completed quickly and on budget……and it was great working with a local professional here in Sonoma. Ginny brings a world of experience to her ideas and designs……and we loved working with one of our neighbors.

Brian O’Toole

Chairman Of The Board


Ginny’s great sensitivity, technical and creative skills have delivered more than what we could imagine for our brands. Her talent always comes with timely reliability at competitive costs.

It was great working with Ginny Westcott. She is very creative and professional. We were very pleased with our new wine labels. The design compliments our wine

Jim Steele


Sky Hi Grill Wines

Working with Ginny is always better than expected. Ginny makes sure we get it right before submission. Her incredible creativity is coupled with an excellent understanding of the entire process from start to finish.

David Reynolds


Leona Valley Winery

Ginny Westcott did an amazing job for me, creating an elegant, sophisticated label upon which I get compliments constantly. She did her work in an extremely efficient, timely way when the deadline was fast approaching and the pressure was on. She totally ‘hit the ball!’. I have also referred numerous clients of mine to Ginny, and they’ve all been thrilled with her work too, which reflects well back upon my firm. She’s that good.

Peter Posert


Gain Bay Winery

Working with Ginny on product packaging and design is a delightful experience. Her instincts and imaginative ideas are always spot on. She is a consummate professional who gives her all, and remains very reasonable priced. I can’t recommend her enough!

Zalman Goldstein

Book Publisher

Labels are as important as whats in the wine bottle. Ginny designed an eye catching label for me with steady contact during the entire process. I think my labels are just as popular as my hard cider is!

Tim Wells,


Deep Roots Hard Cider

Besides being a great talent……she actually gets projects done on time… in this day and age that is truly remarkable….her attention to detail in colors and vision…brilliant!

Neil Spyder Giraldo


On The Rock Nutrition
Benatar Giraldo

Ginny is one of the finest people I have had the privilege of working with in my 30 years of business. She is talented, reliable and has an eye for terrific graphic design. She is first class!

Gene Kilgore


Ginny is among the most gifted and dedicated professionals I’ve known. Immensely talented and prolific, Ginny stands out among artists for her staunch focus and dependability, her unshakable commitment to meeting deadlines on-time and on-budget. The volume and consistency of her creative flow is almost shocking, and her work, of course, is superb. In addition, with her amazing well of humor and positive energy, she’s enormous fun to work with. My highest recommendation.

Andy McIntyre

Owner And Founder

Eclogue, Inc. – Go Blanket


I’ve worked with hundreds of designers and creative professionals in the past 20 years. Hands down, Ginny nails it EVERY time. She goes above and beyond and has always delivered purely brilliant creative, on time and on budget. I love her work. On a scale from 1-10, Ginny’s 100!

Terry Benzia

VP Marketing

Amazon Herb Company

Ginny was accessible, professional, and very intuitive. She knew what I needed even though I was unsure of what I wanted and gave me several options to choose from. I would not hesitate to give Ginny my highest recommendation as her work and demeanor are both very professional.

Doug Benway


Contract Marketing Group

Ginny’s ability to develop what a business owner wants to express into something that their clients can truly grasp and relate to is brilliant – thank you Ginny!

Dan Doubroff

On The Rock Nutrition

Ginny Westcott contributes to the design process from beginning to end, bringing to the table some of the freshest ideas I’ve seen in wine packaging in twenty years. On top of this, she is a joy to work with, delivering projects on time and on budget.

Kids Testimonials

Ginny Westcott is both creative and a great communicator. In addition to her amazing creative skills, she ensures that I (as the client) am comfortable with her understanding of the project’s goals, timeline, and scope prior to beginning the work.

Michelle Manning

Director Of Marketing

Elmer’s Products, Inc.

“I love working with Ginny! When I first approached her, I had a really tight timeline and only a vague idea of what I wanted. Not only did her packaging design exceed my expectation, she finished with time to spare! Ginny is an expert in her field, incredibly professional, and wonderfully easy to work with.”

Starla Tyler


Little Cosmetics

Ginny is a child at heart, and full of energy. This is just what we needed at OddzOn. She puts her all into every project and the results speak for themselves.

Lane Meadowcroft

Lead Art Director

Oddzon / Hasbro

Ginny Westcott did an amazing job on the packaging design for HelloSanta with very little direction from us. She was on time, on budget and exceed our expectations at every turn. There is no question about using her again on our next project and I recommend her to anyone.

Christopher Ashe

Managing Partner

JC Products, LLC

When it comes to imagination, one cannot usually understand exactly what other people has in mind. Working with Ginny Westcott was an absolute extraordinary and wonderful experience for me. It’s like she’s in my head and knows exactly what i want. She always hits the nail on the head! She has provided us with a top quality toy package and i could not ask for more.

Aviel Shor


G.S.I Global, LLC

Ginny Westcott was great to work with. From her creative ideas to the finished product that looked amazing, we were very happy with her work.

Lisa Howard


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