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Here are a few rules I feel strongly about if you want to design your own logo.

  • Never use a trendy font. It will look so out of trend in a couple years. What you liked about it in the first place will look common and dated when the trend is over. Logos should be made to last at least 10-20 years before needing a refresh.
  • Fonts that come with your computer should never be used in your logo. Everyone else uses them and your logo might look common and amateur. Designers own about 10,000,000,000,000 fonts and can easily find something that is special for you. We have professional programs that can access the fonts’ alternate letters. We can take small parts of a letter, tug, push, redraw and tweak it to the extreme to make it work for your logo.
  • Hire a professional designer. You will be competing with other companies that do put money into their logo. You want the consumer to believe in your product and trust that it is made with the finest quality and expertise. A professional design will pull this off.

To be sure you will be using a top notch graphic designer who has many years of experience, knows the rules of printing and keeps up with the modern trends, please contact me at or click this link. Check out my designs here. I include testimonial pages where my clients express their experiences working with me. I offer unique fresh eye-catching ideas to get your toy packages, childrens’ book covers, ads, and toy logos looking professional and sell. I design personally with you on each project so you get 25+ years experience behind each creation. I strive to save you money in the design process, using stock images and manipulating stock illustrations when the budget calls for it. I opened Westcott Design in 2000 after working at Oddzon and Hasbro as the lead design for girl’s toy packaging design and impulse toy packages. Since then, I’ve designed for numerous toy companies, large and small throughout the years and loved every minute of it.

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