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Ginny Westcott is one of the best wine label designers.
We are a full service studio offering unique and affordable designs
to help get your product looking professional and sell.

Ginny Westcott designs personally with you on each project so you get 25 years experience without the large overhead costs another design studio would have. Ginny prefers to work electronically to save her clients money and her clients are all over the world because of this. Westcott Design can guide you through the TTB approval process and help find the right printer for your project. Ginny Westcott is considered one of the most creative wine label designers in the U.S. You can email her at: this email address or this email address but I prefer the first email address. and Wine Label Designexpert and innovative graphic design
Wine label designer and toy package design is Ginny Westcott's specialty. Her award winning graphic design studio is located in the heart of the Sonoma wine country in Northern California. She produces unique wine labels, winery logos, winery brochures, creative ads, toy packaging design, girls packaging, toy logos, ads, children's interactive books, wine package design, wine collateral, wine label designer, and more. Ginny Westcott thinks out of the box and her unique creativity is endless. She is considered a superior graphic designer, packaging designer and art director for both the wine, toy, and food industries. It is a known fact that she is one of the best wine label designers. For a list of her clients, please take a look at: or

Ginny Westcott is considered the best of all wine label designers by her clients. Her award winning wine label design is the envy of other wine label designers and other wine label graphic designers. Ginny creates unique and custom wine labels for her clients. When you need to separate out wine label designers from other custom wine label designers, Westcott's wine label designs stand out far above the rest with her unique wine label design ability and vision.

Wineries seek Ginny out commenting that they have interviewed many wine label designers but are so happy to have found a wine label designer that will work personally on their winery logo, wine label and other design services they need as well. Westcott Design knows compliance standards and can upload files to the TTB and help you through the process. Not many wine label designers know enough about the wine label process to do all that. A wine logo is a very personal custom design and the thought process that goes into the perfect winery logo is a combined vision of the client and wine label designer.

Ginny's clients come back again and again, having the best wine label design experience yet. Westcott design has reasonable rates, far less than big house wine label designers. It helps to have small overhead, and Ginny does not keep a staff but knows where the best illustrators and artists are to create amazing and unique works of art. When the budget for the wine label is small, Ginny has the talent and expertise to find ways to keep the budget on track with her clever ideas to cut costs.

For the most part, Ginny works with small to medium sized wineries. She can help a start up winery who is experiencing their first wine label designer and the steps involved in making their label a reality. She works with wonderful wine label printers and can guide you in the selection process to choose just the right printer that balances quality and budget. Ginny has patience and a great attitude that other wine label designers don't. She respects her clients ideas but also offers her professional advice. She is aware of current trends and how not to design a wine label.

Ginny got started in Los Angeles designing and doing the production of ads, collateral, POP, Television commercials etc, since 1982. Eventually she moved up to Northern California and started in the wine label design business. Eventually, she worked for Hasbro, and loved designing toy packaging so much, she combined her wine label design and toy packaging design into one studio and called it Westcott Design which opened in 2000. You can't go wrong working with Westcott Design, the best wine label designer out there.

Ginny Westcott is the go-to Sonoma County and Napa County Wine Label Designer.

Excellent Wine PR guy: Wark Communications and FERMENTATION: The Daily Wine Blog




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